Headaches or head pain may be caused by a variety of dysfunctions. Many are caused by medication toxicity, allergies to foods, leaky gut or dysfunctional digestive system, constipation, neck or back issues, head trauma, and of course stress to list a few. This particular case started in childhood with an adverse reaction to a polio vaccine which disrupted her immune system. She suffered with regular infections, anemia, and daily headaches since a young girl. Her memory goes back to being 10 years old with daily headaches and frequents bouts of bronchitis. More recently, she suffers from attacks of severe fatigue which puts her in bed for weeks and requires steroids to boost her energy to get back to normal activities of daily living. 

This 66 year old female came to InterX therapy after her last episode of severe fatigue and just mentioned about her headaches as a secondary problem. She had lived with them so long that she resigned she would have to live the rest of her life with a headache. She also presented with low back and hip pain bilateral. On her first treatment she came into the clinic with pain of 5 on 10 scale. At the end of the first visit her back and hip pain reduced to a 2 and her head a 3. By the fourth visit she was sleeping better but still getting afternoon exhaustion, headaches were now intermittent gets 5/day but don't last long, hip and low back pain was a 1 on 10 scale. By the 6th visit she went 2 days without a headache which was a miracle for her, her hip pain was mostly gone, and she was still getting fatigued with household chores. By the 8th visit the fatigue had improved to being intermittent and not every day, no headaches. The patient wanted to purchase a device by her 11th visit as she was getting such good relief of her headaches and fatigue continued to reduce. She was trained on how to use the device and the protocol for self treatment. She was seen one more time for a follow up visit and discharged.

Upon contacting this patient one month later, she reported she would get an occasional headache but was able to alleviate it with InterX treatment. No serious episodes of fatigue and was doing well. She was thrilled that she didn't have to live the rest of her life with headaches, her other pains were gone and her stamina was staying good.