Health and Exercise Tips:

In my 21 years as a physical therapist I have seen more shoulder tendonitis patients than I can count.  The majority of these patients, male or female, cause this shoulder condition by lifting weights overhead or repeated motion overhead. The mechanism of pain is from impinging the rotator cuff tendon or bicep tendon with the overhead motion.  Repeated impinging of the tendon within the joint causes tendonitis pain and eventually can tear the tendon.

As simple as it sounds, I tell all my patients over 30 years of age to just not lift overhead to save the tendons from future pain and trauma.  After the age of 30, the body will have postural changes due to the effects of gravity in sitting and our repetitive lifestyle of doing most daily tasks in the front of the body, like computer work, texting, writing, driving, sports. etc. The upper back will begin to round forward, the shoulder blade will move up and out toward the side which closes down the space within the joint for these two commonly impinged tendons.  Lifting overhead or sleeping with the arm elevated on the side will pinch the tendon when the arm is above 90 degrees.  This pain may not be noticed right away, but in time with repeated overhead activities and no proper stretching or strengthening of the rotator and scapular muscles, impingement will inevitably occur resulting in pain or a tear.

If you have shoulder pain or know someone who does, or worse know someone with a failed shoulder surgery, contact us at InterX Therapy and we will help you with your pain, get your mobility back and teach you the correct way to exercise and strength train to preserve your joints.

Disclaimer: Please note, everyone's body is different. Please consult you physician before for a more thorough assessment of your own body.  This article is for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.