Our Clinic - What to Expect

Goal of Treatment


The goal of treatment is to achieve maximum results in pain reduction and improved overall health and function. Treatment is cumulative and requires a minimum of 6 treatment sessions, and up to 10-14 treatments to achieve sustained results. The best results occur when initial treatments are received 2-3 times per week. A treatment plan will then be determined dependent on your condition and response to the initial treatments.

Patients typically respond with an increased sense of well being and ability to sleep, as well as pain reduction and increased mobility. Home devices are available for patients to self-treat, under the direction of the therapist.


What to expect during treatment


Non-invasive neuromodulation is delivered to the skin or scalp without gels or medication. The sensation of the stimulation will resemble a comfortable tingling or vibration. Your therapist will adjust the intensity of the stimulation as needed throughout the treatment. InterX device impulses stimulate the nerves in the skin or scalp, activating the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms, releasing endorphins which promote natural pain relief and healing.


Patient will feel relaxed after treatment, with possible pain reduction right after treatment; sometimes reduction of pain occurs one hour after treatment. Changes can be up to 72 hours after treatment. Some patients report initially a 1-2 hour reduction of pain; further treatments result in longer lasting pain reduction. At the completion of the treatment plan, patients typically have minimal to no pain. A minimal home treatment maintainance plan may be recommended.



The therapist will provide you with the necessary education on your condition including: exercise/stretching, positioning, biomechanics of the body, and InterX theory and principles of treatment as indicated.


What we expect of you
Compliance: After your initial consultation, the therapist will establish the plan of care and determine the approximate amount of visits necessary for you. We expect for you to follow the plan of care and recommendations made to maximize the benefit of your overall therapy.