J.B, 62 - Parkinson's Disease

I am a 62 year old retired Ob/Gyn who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease almost ten years ago. My progression of symptoms has been gratefully slow. However, my meds sinemet and mirapex) have gone from three times daily to every three hours now. Recently I began treatments with an interesting device called InterX, transcutaneous muscle and nerve stimulator somewhat like a "third generation" TENS unit

It leaves me feeling fresh, renewed, and optimistic. More importantly, it is allowing me to increase the interval between my medication doses, from every three hours to every 4-5 hours frequently .I haven't a chit as to how it is accomplishing this, but the results appear real. Presently, l' m keeping a log to determine if the anecdotal data is verifiable


J.B.,62 years old, Parkinson's Disease