L.G, 68 - Lymph Edema

In May 2007, I was diagnosed with Lymph edema. I developed a leg infection after having several skin cancers removed from both legs. I started out wearing the tension stretch stocking with no relief. I went through the Presbyterian Hospital Lymph edema Therapy Clinic in May 2007 and had lymph edema messages afterward. No relief.

I went through Lymph edema Therapy Clinic again October and November, 2008 with still no relief and developed severe allergy to the Farrow Wraps they put in and broke out in blisters from the knees to ankles. My legs were so swollen they like elephant legs, very itchy and painful.

In December 2009 I started InterX Therapy. After several treatments there was marked improvement and continued to improve with additional treatments and home treatment and currently is completely under control


L.G.,68 years old, Lymph Edema