Pete, 46 C6-7 Disc Bulge

In July of 2010, I woke up with a huge pain in my neck that traveled down, just inside of my left shoulder blade.  I thought I pulled a trapezius muscle in my sleep, so I just took some ibuprofen, and went on with the day.  Of course, the pain got worse, and quickly reached a full 10/10.  Over the next few weeks, my left triceps muscles stopped flexing, and became flat.

Doc's diagnosis:  bulging disc at C6/C7, as well as arthritis, bone spurs, and foraminal narrowing.

Over the next two years, I tried everything:  physical therapy, which for me, made the pain worse; acupuncture, with limited, short-lived relief.  I spoke with two surgeons, and quickly decided I wanted to do anything I could to avoid surgery.

Some relief came with regular visits to my chiropractor, who was able to reestablish nerve flow to my left triceps.  However, the pain stubbornly remained, staying around 5 out of 10, or more.

Finally, one day I was told by a coworker about InterX.  She said her husband had the same problem as mine, and has used it for years to manage his pain.  I was skeptical, but hurting enough to give it a try.  I'm so glad I did.  

14 in-office treatments were recommended, in addition to monthly maintenance treatments at home.  I was able to get good results after only 11 office visits.

The difference between my life before this incredible little machine and now, is like night and day.  Today, 3 months after the initial treatments, my pain is rarely above a 2 out of 10.  And there are actually some days with NO pain, which to me, after enduring so much of it, is such a blessing.

I have NOT had surgery, and have no plans to do so.

Thank you so much, Janice and Annette for your incredible expertise and moral support, which was key to getting me back to a place where I can enjoy life again!

Anyone who may be considering InterX for themselves, I'd say do yourself a favor and pick up the phone.


Pete, 46, C6-7 Disc Bulge